Who’s P2Rg?

Jim Lindsay, Jr.

Jim Lindsay, Jr.

Founded and facilitated by Jim Lindsay, Jr., the Performance Potential Realization group is inspired by an accomplished career spanning from a Fortune 500 corporation, to an online start-up, and from a privately held LLP to a research one university. P2Rg’s thrust is fueled by sound observations distilled from the public and private sector, including corporate commercial property management, financial information services, online commerce and academia.

It was in these work environments that Jim observed two recurring themes among his colleagues: 1) a low performance threshold demarcated by doing “just enough”, and 2) low morale in the workplace. But what became clear after speaking with many of his colleagues was that, not only was their doing “just enough” a side effect of low morale, doing “just enough” was done so by choice. However, it was not immediately clear if mediocre performance (i.e. doing “just enough”) was a conscious choice. Then, this question occurred to him: “why would you choose to be mediocre?

Primed by this question, Jim was moved to help others by – evoking their own inner-motivation so they can break the mediocre performance habit while raising morale in the workplace – using two avenues of outreach: 1) the staging of practical resources for motivation and self-awareness in a central location – this easy-to-use website, and 2) the facilitation of reading groups and workshops based on these practical resources.

Ultimately, It’s Jim’s hope that your P2Rg experience will empower you to discover and break through self-sabotaging barriers so you can fully realize your performance potential.


Contact: jim@IdeaMaestro.com