Here are influential resources that inspire P2Rg:



Accidental Creative

  • Podcasts on topics focusing on concrete practices that lead to sharper focus, improved productivity and more effective collaboration.


Engaging Leader

  • Great resource including  podcasts and blog  to help leaders communicate, engage, and lead with greater impact.



  • A resource serving as a podium for diverse perspectives on business practices & work experiences and to inspire employer & employee alike, with an aim to: Communicate and share thought perspectives offering new contexts to status quo thinking; Conduct creative synergy within the idea community to influence those outside the idea community; Evoke innovation motivation


Look & Sound of Leadership

  • Essential Communications delivers high impact executive coaching, leadership training, presentation skills training and a broad range of leadership skills that help executives achieve The Look & Sound of Leadership.


Mind Tools

  • A robust resource that teaches you the leadership, team management, problem-solving, personal productivity, and team-working skills that you need for a happy and successful career.


Total Picture Radio

  • A resource with in-depth interviews give a “total picture” of emerging trends; featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and for-real gurus to help high-potential professionals like you succeed with your career aspirations. We deliver career advice and advocacy through our conversations with successful practitioners, and by reporting the latest trends, innovations, insider knowledge, actionable information, and hidden resources to our listeners.